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Let me introduce the Backup Singers – Our fantastic advisory board!

We are putting together a great team with the ambition to transform the music learning experience. I am extremely happy to announce that we have found 4 great new team members that will join us in the effort to make the world play music. Let me introduce our backup singers, the advisory board: Jon Aabakken […]

New release date 31/1

Hi everyone, we have made some changes to our launch plan and that means that the new release date is set to 31/1. We know that you are all excited to get your hands on the new InstrumentChamp games, and we are working hard to give you a killer game experience. Until then we will […]

Startup Village at Mesh in Oslo

We had a great time at Mesh this monday! Meeting members of the innovation community in Oslo, as part of the Oslo Innovation Week. It is Europe┬┤s biggest innovation convention, taking place in Oslo (Norway) every october. Mesh is the leading innovation hub in Oslo, bringing together young creators, makers and entrepreneurs to co-create the […]