Let me introduce the Backup Singers – Our fantastic advisory board!

- Updated November 11, 2013

We are putting together a great team with the ambition to transform the music learning experience. I am extremely happy to announce that we have found 4 great new team members that will join us in the effort to make the world play music. Let me introduce our backup singers, the advisory board:

Jon Aabakken is a young Norwegian entrepreneur who is CEO and Co-founder of MUNO – the leading private music education provider in Norway with hundreds of music teachers around the country.

Phillip Grønvold is a multi-award winning mobile product manager previously with Opera Software, managing growth of their mobile products from 50M to +200M users. He is now running Zebra Studios. Fun fact: Background as mathematician!


Oskar Lissheim-Boethius is an experienced UX/Interaction Designer and Mobile Application developer currently with Soundtrack Your Brand in Stockholm. Fun fact: Background as classical music composer.

Oskar Lissheim Boethius

Tor Grønsund is a Norwegian entrepreneur and Lean Startup Expert. Teaching entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Oslo. Fun fact: House music lover!
Tor Grönsund

Stay tuned for personal interviews coming up!

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