InstrumentChamp Beta coming soon, including more social features and gamification of music.

- Updated August 18, 2014

First of all we want to thank all of you that signed up InstrumentChamp during the ALPHA period that we launched in May. We hope that you feel energized after the summer and are ready to make your music dream come true! With the feedback that you have given, we are moving fast forward and will make some major updates to make learning to play music more fun, easy and social.


We are on a mission to make the world play music and we are now planning a major release of updates and new features that we hope you will love. It will be released within a couple of weeks, and all existing users will get an exclusive pre-access to the new service.

Are you a music teacher? We want to help you engage your students in between your lessons. By creating a school group and challenges you can invite the whole school to play music together online. We want to make learning to play music more fun, social and easy and the new release will give the students a game that can help them play their favorite instrument and also play better together with other students.

Are you a super star or an aspiring music artist? Help your fans play and sing a long to your songs. InstrumentChamp will give you an interactive music community online, where you can interact with your fans. You will also be able to license/publish your own songs in our new game format and sell it directly to your fans.

These are some examples of features that will be included in the new release:

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