Crowdfunding InstrumentChamp: Launching today in Helsinki!

- Updated November 12, 2013

Today we are announching the start of our crowdfunding campaign together with FundedByMe! It is a really exciting opportunity where you as a member of the crowd can get a share of the company InstrumentChamp AB. As founders and entrepreneurs this is a great way for us to get ambassadeurs around Europe for our mission to make the world play music. Really looking forward to connect with you, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me (+4745517645) or

Fundedbyme is one of the fastest growing crowdfunding platform in Europe. They connect entrepreneurs with the crowd of people and investors. You don’t have to own a fortune to be an early-stage investor anymore, but as a member of Fundedbyme you can find new cool companies and invest on levels like EUR100-EUR10000.

Starting the crowdfunding campaign in Helsiniki

Lars starting the crowdfunding campaign in Helsinki

On the campaign website on Fundedbyme you can read more about both the campaign and learn more about equity crowdfunding. The InstrumentChamp share issue is limited to 500 shares so make a quick decision. Read about the campaign on FundedbyMe by clicking this link:
InstrumentChamp on FUNDEDBYME

InstrumentChamp is on a mission to inspire and help kids around the world to play music. Learning to play music used to be hard, boring and lonely – InstrumentChamp make it fun, easy and social!

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