Best of Slush13 – 6 personal highlights

- Updated November 18, 2013

Back in Oslo after an intense week in Finland at #Slush13. Overall a great experience, connecting with all parts of the North European tech community that was gathered. Inspiring to meet and learn from both the succesful entrepreneurs from the Finnish gaming companies and the up and coming companies from all around Europe!


Photo by Jussi Hellsten

Highlights of the week:

1. Wake up day one – first crowdfunding member had signed up for our campaign!
The campaign site went live on monday night and it was a great feeling that the first investor already signed up online! Incredible feeling when someone that you have never met put the trust in you (and money).

2. Kickoff Crowdfunding campaign together with FundedByMe at Hub Helsinki.
Invited to pitch InstrumentChamp to a crowd of people at Hub Helsinki on a pre-Slush event. Nice to connect with the locals in a small setting before Helsinki exploded for Slush Main Event. Sharing my thoughts of the future of music and getting great feedback on how to transform the music learning experience.


3. Wake up day two – The Mighty Eagle Peter Vesterbacka follow you on Twitter. He´s work with Rovio/Angrybirds is a great inspiration.


4. Slush first meeting – The Might Eagle in person!! After he said goodbye to the Finish President I managed to get a one-on-one with Mr Angry Bird himself.=)

5. SuperCell party and Startup Sauna. SuperCell hosted the Slush AfterParty on wednesday and it was a great event! Awesome crowd, DJs and free drinks – that is a succesful party recipe to follow. In contrast to the busy dancefloors and mingle areas, it was perfect surprise to find the Startup Sauna Boat behind the black stage!

Photo by Sami Heiskanen

6. Connecting with the Norwegian community. Travelling together with other entrepreneurs and other Norwegians I think we managed to raise the awareness of the Norwegian Startup Community and we will hopefully see a stronger Nordic cooperation in the years to follow.

Hope to come back to Helsinki soon and I definitely look forward to Slush14!

If you want to join our mission to make the world play music, check out our crowdfunding campaign here:

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